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We are pleased to be a part of a wonderful community of yogis and health minded people. Here are some of our friends:

Pilates Instructor, Dance Instructor, Massage Therapist, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor, Laurie Wood,

Zen Meditation with Zen Priest, Michael Mui, Mui, born 1974 in Raleigh, NC, began meditating in 2000. He began formal Zen Training in 2003 under Zen Masters Chozen and Hogen Bays at Great Vow Zen Monastery. Mui continued residential training under Roshi Tenshin Fletcher at Yokoji Zen Mountain Center. In 2006, Mui moved to Colorado to attend Naropa University for a Master's degree in Contemplative Counseling Psychology. There, Mui found his Zen home with the Great Mountain Zen Center and its Zen Masters Gerry Shishin Wick and Ilia Shinko Perez. In 2009, Mui received Novice Monk Ordination and in 2017, he received full Tokudo, Zen Priest Ordination.

Rocky Mountain Health Club, Dave and Alix LaSalle,

From the Heart Yoga Studio & Clothing, Jennifer Basch,

Hearts & Stones by Dena Nishek,

Yoga for First Responders®,