Exercise Ball Workshop

Saturday, January 27, 10am - 12pm

Dust off that large bouncy ball in your closet! Learn many core exercises, stability challenges, and stretches you can do with an exercise ball. Balls are a great addition to any fitness or post-rehab conditioning program.

Instructor - Laurie Wood is a Pilates post-rehab practitioner, massage therapist, and life-long dancer.

Cost: $20

 Please register by Jan 24 at estesparkyoga@gmail.com

2018 Planetary Trends

Saturday, January 27, 1-3pm

2018 Planetary Trends.jpg


Join Kerry for a two-hour session in which she explains the astrological patterns for 2018 from the perspective of Jyotisha, the Vedic system of astrology. This talk is designed for anyone, whatever their astrological understanding, and will include review of basic astrological concepts.

Suggested Donation $10-$20

Introduction to Essential Oils

Saturday, February 3, 10am - 12pm

Learn the many uses and applications of therapeutic-grade essential oils for:

  • improving the immune system
  • increasing mental focus
  • calming the nervous system
  • relieving muscle tension
  • grounding energy
  • killing germs
  • creating a toxin-free living environment

Instructor - Laurie Wood has been using the healing powers of Young Living Essential Oils with her clients and family for over 12 years with powerful results.

Cost is $20.  Please do not wear any chemical-based perfumes or lotions to the workshop.

Register by January 31 at estesparkyoga@gmail.com

Chris Sky Pond tree.jpg

Yoga for Men (only)

Saturday, February 10, 10am - 12pm

Learn stretching techniques and yogic remedies for dealing directly with the tightness of the male body. Great for men new to yoga, frustrated with their flexibility, or needing to enhance their fitness program.

Instructor - David Potter is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and life-long musician.

Cost: $20

Please register by Feb 7 at estesparkyoga@gmail.com