All of our instructors are certified, yet each instructor has a unique personality and style that shines through!


Alicia Cossota moved to Estes Park from Southlake, Texas in 2012 with her husband, dog and two cats.  In 2008, she received her RYA-500 certification through Sunstone Yoga in Dallas, Texas and certification through Holy Yoga in October 2017.  She is currently enrolled in the Masters Program with Holy Yoga. Alicia says, “I became an instructor when I fell in love with how yoga made me feel and wanted to share that with others.  My classes are faith based (non-denominational) that opens and closes with prayer, and scripture is used for the basis of each class.” 


Brittany Wild found yoga in college as a young mom. She felt like she was losing touch with herself through the hectic life of being a college student and a young mother. She enrolled in an Iyengar class in college that inspired her to create a home practice with a Seane Corn yoga video and Iyengar’s book, Light on Yoga. Through the years Brittany continued her practice at home and by attending classes at various studios. She found that yoga brought her back home to herself and helped her with challenges in life. In summer of 2018, Brittany completed her 200-hour teacher certification with Kitty Moore at Sadhana West Yoga in Niwot, CO. In her classes, Brittany inspires you to take time to give love to yourself so that you can be of service to those that you love.


Caryn Ling has been teaching movement since 2008 when she was approached to start teaching a kickboxing class she had been attending. She enjoyed the motivation of working out with others and found she enjoyed teaching those classes just as much. She went on to teach strength training, bootcamp, and cycling. In 2010 she decided to pursue yoga as a way to round out both her body and her teaching skills. Caryn found that physical movement combined with the philosophy of yoga provided a deeper understanding of both the body and the mind. Ah! a balance of moving and thinking....she knew she was on to something.  She went on for further training and completed her Registered Yoga Teacher program in 2012. Following this, Caryn participated in a 10 month mentorship in therapeutic yoga. Caryn continues to explore as many different kinds of movement and yoga as she can; adding hiking, hooping, and climbing to here hobbies in the last few years. Her classes draw inspiration from many places but her main influences are Hatha, Therapeutics, and Ashtanga. "Yoga for me comes down to balance: the balance of movement and stillness, the balance of doing and being, the balance of strength and flexibility. Yoga has taught me to value and appreciate what I can do now and get excited about what I have yet to learn. We never have to be done learning AND we can be content along the way."


Judy Ruby is a Hatha Yoga teacher, trained in the Dynamic Yoga Method at Jane's House of Well-Being in St. Charles, Missouri. She received her teaching certification in 2011 and taught classes there until recently moving to Estes Park. Judy believes that yoga is a powerful tool for self inquiry and growth, both physical and mental. As a teacher she guides students toward building strength, flexibility and balance in their bodies, while keeping the mind focused and relaxed. Her classes honor the unique needs and capabilities of each student present. Moving here has been a dream come true for Judy and her husband, as they love hiking and exploring the Rocky Mountains, and sharing her love for yoga makes it even better!

Kendra Ryan began practicing yoga in 1999 as a way to relax from her job in the Navy. She facilitated classes onboard ships for many years and then received her formal training at Salt Spring Center of Yoga in 2009. Afterward, she continued to teach aboard research ships and on a cross-continent bicycle trip. Kendra's classes focus on alignment principles and integrate the mental, physical, and breathing aspects of yoga. Her continued training focuses on yoga as one method of healing wounded warriors, Yoga for First Responders®, Calming Kids® and as a technique to use in pregnancy and labor. When not practicing, Kendra is in the mountains with her family.


Nancy Collinet graduated (November, 2015) from Full Circle Yoga in Longmont, CO with a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate.  After being a Sign Language Interpreter for almost 20 years she felt that it was time to learn more about yoga, which was always present in her life.  Nancy enjoys learning about all things yoga, especially the therapeutic aspects such as relieving the everyday aches and pains associated with living a full life.   She also enjoys learning how to properly align the joints to avoid injury and to strengthen the muscles correctly. Nancy has embraced how yoga brings patience with self and others, concentration when turning inward and reflecting on why we are all here on this beautiful Earth.  Come join Nancy for some Vinyasa Yoga with a little Pilates thrown in for fun and upbeat music to enjoy together!


Patricia Rountree is a creative and versatile graphic designer and yoga instructor. She hopes that the love she pours into her work reflects on the wellbeing, wholehearted healing, and joy of connection through the Art of Yoga of all the people she reaches. Patricia recently moved to Estes with her family from North Carolina, via Wisconsin, where she enjoyed teaching alignment based classes to all levels, but especially to families and teachers.


Samantha “Sam” Andersen graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Creative Writing in 2009. As quickly as she was able, she moved to Estes Park in 2014 and plans on staying here. When Sam isn’t practicing yoga or serving coffee from the local Starbucks, you will find her spending time with her family and animals, maybe reading or writing; simply soaking up the slow-paced mountain life she loves.

Sam has spent most of her life working on balance, flexibility and strength as a child gymnast and cheerleader… finally finding her way to her first formal yoga class in 2001. Yoga became the perfect addition to Sam’s life: combining the physical challenges she loves with the tools for daily stress-relief, along with the weapons to battle depression and anxiety. Over the years, Sam’s devoted home practice developed into a career-driven passion. In 2018, she got her RYT-200 Certification through The Little Yoga Studio in Boulder, CO. Now registered with Yoga Alliance and, as she says, a ‘trained Warrior of Light’, Sam is excited to help others find the joy and power that she experiences through yoga. A new teacher but an advanced practitioner, Sam’s classes are focused upon challenging balance, controlling flexibility and building strength. After all, we are stronger than we think.