All of our instructors are certified. What does this mean to you?

Our classes are consistent in quality, yet each instructor has a unique personality and style that shines through!



Leslie Glover was trained in Shambhava Yoga and has been a resident of Estes Park since 2010. Before her endeavors as a yogi, she earned a B.S. in Human Development at Vanderbilt University and a Masters of Divinity at Columbia Theological Seminary.
Leslie says that "For me, yoga is a spiritual practice. When I focus on my breath and settle into an asana (posture), I feel a sense of strength and empowerment. I hope to pass that experience along to all who practice with me."

Mya Izzolena's love of focusing inward and being health conscious drew her to yoga in 2006.  She instantly fell in love with yoga, and in her opinion, everyone would fall in love with yoga and the immediate spiritual benefits.  This motivated her to begin her teacher training accredited to the beautiful trio of Erik, Elise and Meghan from Full Circle Yoga in Longmont, CO.

Her background in break-dancing, mermaiding, and an active lifestyle adds a unique touch to her class.  She teaches from an authentic heart and, if for one perfect moment, she could inspire someone through her yoga love, that is worth everything.  She is always amazed in her own practice at the transformations within herself which keep her humble and makes for an enthusiastic, warm teacher. She believes that there is one light, one love and will continue to share her yoga ways to the whole world with her heart shining out, through, over and beyond.  We are all one in Mya's class!

Kendra Ryan began practicing yoga in 1999 as a way to relax from her job in the Navy. She facilitated classes onboard ships for many years and then received her formal training at Salt Spring Center of Yoga in 2009. Afterward, she continued to teach aboard research ships and on a cross-continent bicycle trip. Kendra's classes focus on alignment principles and integrate the mental, physical, and breathing aspects of yoga. Her continued training focuses on yoga as one method of healing wounded warriors, Yoga for First Responders®, Calming Kids® and as a technique to use in pregnancy and labor. When not practicing, Kendra is in the mountains with her family.

Nancy Collinet graduated (November, 2015) from Full Circle Yoga in Longmont, CO with a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate.  After being a Sign Language Interpreter for almost 20 years she felt that it was time to learn more about yoga, which was always present in her life.  Nancy enjoys learning about all things yoga, especially the therapeutic aspects such as relieving the everyday aches and pains associated with living a full life.  

She also enjoys learning how to properly align the joints to avoid injury and to strengthen the muscles correctly. Nancy has embraced how yoga brings patience with self and others, concentration when turning inward and reflecting on why we are all here on this beautiful Earth.  Come join Nancy for some Vinyasa Yoga with a little Pilates thrown in for fun and upbeat music to enjoy together!


Katheryn Sehlke is an avid yoga practitioner who began teaching in 2014 after a growing desire developed over the years of her personal practice to share the wonderful benefits she was experiencing in her daily life. Her goal in teaching is to develop relationships with people in order to help them find a balance between their physical, mental, and spiritual health in a light-hearted manner.

Her formal training is rooted in Vinyasa flow, with alignment principles and prop utilization from Iyengar yoga. She recently moved to Estes Park with her husband, John, and their two dogs, from San Antonio, Texas, where she taught yoga at The University of Texas at San Antonio and studied Art and Economics. When she’s not practicing, she is exploring the mountains with her family, or enjoying other forms of creative expression through art. 


Caryn Ling has been teaching movement since 2008 when she was approached to start teaching a kickboxing class she had been attending. She enjoyed the motivation of working out with others and found she enjoyed teaching those classes just as much. She went on to teach strength training, bootcamp, and cycling. In 2010 she decided to pursue yoga as a way to round out both her body and her teaching skills. Caryn found that physical movement combined with the philosophy of yoga provided a deeper understanding of both the body and the mind. Ah! a balance of moving and thinking....she knew she was on to something. 

She went on for further training and completed her RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) program in 2012. Following her RYT Caryn participated in a 10 month mentorship in therapeutic yoga. Caryn continues to explore as many different kinds of movement and yoga as she can; adding hiking, hooping, and climbing to here hobbies in the last few years. Her classes draw inspiration from many places but her main influences are Hatha, Therapeutics, and Ashtanga. 

Yoga for me comes down to balance: the balance of movement and stillness, the balance of doing and being, the balance of strength and flexibility. Yoga has taught me to value and appreciate what I can do now and get excited about what I have yet to learn. We never have to be done learning AND we can be content along the way. My class blends together flow segments, strength segments, and in-depth pose explorations. This allows us to keep active as well as spend time learning the subtleties and proper alignment of the poses.

Mike Lewis began practicing meditation in 2000 and Zen meditation specifically while living in South Korea in 2002. From 2003 to 2010, Mike lived residentially at Great Vow Zen Monastery, Zen Mountain Center, and Great Mountain Zen Center, eventually being ordained as a Zen Novice Priest under Gerry Shishin Wick, Roshi. Mike has an M.A. degree in Contemplative Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. He works full-time guiding rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing in the Colorado Front Range, across the U.S., and internationally. Learn more about Mike at

Laurie Wood discovered Pilates through her College Dance Program at the University of South Florida while a student.  The Pilates Reformer and Mat exercises helped her injuries and scoliosis so much that she went onto to train as a Certified Pilates Post-Rehab Practitioner with Polestar Pilates out of Miami.  Laurie has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, dancers, athletes, and seniors, in pre- and post-rehab, and has owned two Pilates & Massage Studios.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, Energy Coach, Essential Oils Specialist, and a life-long Dancer and Choreographer, recently creating her own Boogie Shoes Dance Program for Ageless Adults.  She has degrees in Modern Dance, Business Administration, and Metaphysical Science.  Laurie is thrilled to become a part of the growing Estes Park Yoga & Wellness Community!


Alex Parmelee has lived in the Estes Park area since childhood, wandering the woods and breathing deep the clean mountain air.  Practicing Yoga is a way of reinventing this body and responding to the challenges and changes in his life.  While working as a paramedic for over 20 years, military service and completing a doctorate in medicine, he pursued a practice of Zen meditation and yoga at monasteries in the U.S. and Europe.  Alex's aim in teaching is to connect flexibility, strength and balance to your daily life in a practice that adapts to difficulty within the framework of the greater human family.  He currently teaches college courses, independently writes books and poetry, plays cello and develops therapeutic wellness programs that include movement.


Judy Ruby is a Hatha Yoga teacher, trained in the Dynamic Yoga Method at Jane's House of Well-Being in St. Charles, Missouri. She received her teaching certification in 2011 and taught classes there until recently moving to Estes Park.

Judy believes that yoga is a powerful tool for self inquiry and growth, both physical and mental. As a teacher she guides students toward building strength, flexibility and balance in their bodies, while keeping the mind focused and relaxed. Her classes honor the unique needs and capabilities of each student present.

Moving here has been a dream come true for Judy and her husband, as they love hiking and exploring the Rocky Mountains, and sharing her love for yoga makes it even better!

David Potter has been teaching yoga over 12 years. He received his teacher training in Hatha/Vinyasa flow in 2005. For many years, his students have benefited from his experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, which he received in 1997, as well as his experience as a Personal Fitness Trainer from 2006 - 2010. Always teaching a well balanced, thorough class, he focuses on safety and modifications so that bodies of any type can gain maximum benefit from their experience.