All are welcome to Estes Park Yoga! 

Classes integrate classical yoga teachings that include movement, breath, and focus in order to steady the mind, calm the nerves, increase strength, improve balance, and improve flexibility. Modifications and props are available. Our instructors are certified and knowledgeable in a variety of styles and lineages - experiences include: Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kids, and Prenatal.

YOGA BASICS: For students who are new to yoga and those who have yoga experience but are looking to strengthen the foundation of their practice. The class has a relaxed atmosphere where questions are welcome at all times. Slow-paced, detailed instruction of basic postures, an emphasis on alignment, and breathing techniques. We spend time learning the foundational components that weave in and out of the practice from the beginner to the advanced.

YOGA FOR STRENGTH: Energizing class that offers a combination of sustained, strengthening holds with invigorating flows to challenge physical and mental limits. Postures may include arm balances and inversions. This class assumes that students have cultivated prior training in yoga where the relationship between breath and movement is understood.

DYNAMIC YOGA FUNDAMENTALS:  Students focus their attention directly on the sensations of their body, while staying aware of their thoughts and emotions. Practice progresses gradually in both effort and complexity, in movement and in stillness. Students are guided to continuously monitor their levels of effort and stability to find the right balance for them. Each class is unique, based on the abilities and needs of the students, and is suitable for all levels of experience and fitness. This style of yoga practice can be very relaxing and meditative while still providing effort and release of physical tension.

YOGA FOR MOBILITY:  Use the breath to move with intention, intelligence, and joy through self assessment within our own body’s range and end range of motion. We focus on different joints, muscles, and tendons and apply different methods like myofascial release, self massage, stretches and a variety of yoga postures to find areas of restriction or that have atrophied over the years or need strengthening. Come and enjoy this laid back class, your joints will dance with joy!

MELLOW VINYASA: Postures, breathing techniques, and philosophy are woven together for a creative, flowing practice that builds a greater understanding of the yoga limbs. Drop into a still and sacred place with focused awareness on the breath and inner light of wisdom. For those who have an understanding of basic yoga postures and would like to explore a wider variety of poses.

HOLY YOGA:  Gentle flow or gentle Hatha yoga class with a little bit of other disciplines tossed in and lots of stretching.  Good for anyone new to yoga and those who have a general knowledge of postures.  Classes have prayer, scripture, and positive thoughts intertwined, ending in meditation.  Donations only.